How to perform the dumbbell pullover

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How to: Dumbbell pullover

The dumbbell pullover is a great isolation movement that works the chest as well as having the added bonus of strengthening the oblique muscles. If you don’t currently employ this into your workouts this could be something you integrate to keep your workouts balanced and varied. It requires no specialist equip[tment so can be done at home or the gym with just a dumbbell.


Target Muscles

Main: Sternal (Lower) Pectoralis Major

Synergists: Latissimus Dorsi, Triceps Brachii (long head), Posterior Deltoid, Teres Major, Rhomboids, Levator Scalupae, Pectoralis Minor



  1. Pick out a dumbbell that you’re comfortable with and find a flat bench in the gym to begin.
  2. Lay either sideways or normally across the bench and lift the dumbbell over your body using a two-handed grip.
  3. Lower the dumbbell behind your head and inhale through your mouth before pausing and keeping the pressure on the muscles.
  4. Push the weight forward again and exhale all of your air to get the maximum contraction of the muscle.
  5. Repeat the movement 3-4 times for a rep range of around 8-12 reps.


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VIDEO: How to do the dumbbell pullover