How to dumbbell bench press

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How to: Dumbbell Bench Press

The dumbbell bench press should be a staple of your chest work out. There are many variations such as the incline and the decline bench dumbbell bench press. This flat dumbbell bench press is a very effective compound movement that targets the chest as a whole and also actives the stabiliser muscles. It can be done with very little equipment so if perfect for both the home and public gym just requiring a flat bench and a pair of dumbbells.

Target Muscles

Main: Pectoralis Major

Synergists: Anterior Deltoid, Triceps Brachii


  1. Select a pair of dumbbells and locate a flat bench so that you can begin the exercise.
  2. Sit down and the bench towards the bottom and lay back flat while rolling the dumbbells up into the air at the same time.
  3. Hold the dumbbells shoulder width apart and while pinching your shoulder blades together lower the weight until it is level with your chest while inhaling through your nose and pause for a second.
  4. Press the weight up to the starting position and exhales through your mouth while squeezing your chest.
  5. Repeat the movement in a rep range of around 8-12 reps if you’re looking to gain muscle or until failure if looking to build endurance.

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VIDEO: How to do the dumbbell bench press