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Body Revolution Olympic Bumper Plates Review

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In this Body Revolution Olympic Bumper Plates Review, we’ll be taking a look at some of our favourite bumper plates offing both high quality and reliability at a reasonable price.

Why use Body Revolution Bumper Plates?

If you’ve yet to try Olympic bumper plates out then here’s a bit of background. The rubber design on bumper plates protect gym floors from impact damage if dropped from a height. This helps a user’s confidence during those heavier lifts. This makes them the perfect choice if you’re looking to work on your clean and jerk lifts.

Using the Body Revolution Olympic Bumper Plates in combination with an Olympic 2” barbell will greatly increase your lifting experience and are perfect for a home or garage gym.


All the plates are the same diameter at 450mm which is competition standard. This means that you’re guaranteed to be at the correct starting height when practising Olympic weightlifting moves such as deadlifts and cleans. This is the same no matter which weight you buy from 5kg-25kg plates; the only difference will be the thickness.

In addition to this, the Body Revolution weight plates come in different colours for different weights making it easy to find the weight you’re looking for at any time.

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Build quality       

The build quality is one of the best features of the Body Revolution Olympic Bumper Plates in this review. Each plate comes reinforced with a stainless-steel inner run to reduce the potential for and real damage to occur. On the outside, the solid rubber compound will be sure to absorb most of the impact from drops as long as they are used on the correct gym flooring.

If that’s not enough then the Lifetime warranty that is offered on these Olympic Plates by Body Revolution should help to put your mind at ease. We’ve not come across any issues with them but in the event you did encounter one they will be happy to answer and fix any concerns you might have.

One recommendation we would make is that using the smallest weights of 5kg on a bar and then loading up with regular Olympic weights may over bare them in some cases so keep that in mind.


Overall, we were really impressed with the Body Revolution Olympic Weight plates as they have a premium design as well as being extremely durable all for a fair price. That lifetime warranty is a great addition to an already brilliant product.

Body Revolution Olympic Bumper Plates

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
10 Total Score

The perfect home gym bumper plates at a more than reasonable price.

  • Competition Standard Sizing
  • Lifetime Warranty
Body Revolution Olympic Bumper Plates Review
Body Revolution Olympic Bumper Plates Review

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