Five pieces of workout clothing that every man should have

Some people generally don’t care about how they look in the gym and that’s alright the gyms not somewhere in which fashion is a priority. However, there are those of us who do care about how we look in the gym so here are my top five pieces of gym clothing that should be in your wardrobe.

  1. Getting a comfortable gym hoodie

gym hoodei

I’ll start off by recommending a comfortable hoodie and I specify comfortable as some hoodies really aren’t cut out for gym use meaning those cheap nasty Gildan ones. A good comfortable hoodie is a must if you workout in a gym that can never seem to get the temperature right, be prepared to take this on and off a lot! When choosing one it’s really personal preference but I’d recommend taking a look at one from the brand under armour they offer superb quality hoodies that are specifically designed for fitness use.

  1. Get a pair of trainers that fit

Nike Men's Revolution

Next, we’ll think about your feet. Make sure to pick up some comfortable gym trainers that fit you, you’re going to be wearing these a lot so make sure you spend some time trying them on and finding the right pair for you. Also, look to spend a decent amount on these as if you get a pair that isn’t right for your foot shape or are too small you can face the risk of getting blisters are other foot pains especially when using a treadmill. Obviously selecting a pair is very subjective however Adidas and Nike make some fantastic reliable and comfy gym shoes.

  1. Practical pair of gym shorts

tca gym shorts

The next thing that is often overlooked is a comfy pair of gym shorts. If you’re a man you’re going to want to stay away from wearing extra tight ones. These are extremely in practical at the gym, especially when performing squats as they can get caught and hinder your performance. I would recommend picking up a pair that are relatively baggy, so you don’t have any issues, this pair I’ve used for the last few years are great, and they have a zip pocket which is great for when I want to go running while using my Bluetooth headphones.

  1. Pick up some Compression Leggings

Compression Leggings

Ever thought about going out running but don’t fancy how cold it looks? Well, I’ve got a suggestion for you and that’s compression tights. Not only do they improve circulation in your legs, these things really do make a huge difference in keeping you warm especially on those cold December nights. Some people even like to use them when performing squats due to the slight bit of spring they provide. I got myself some under armour one’s last year and although they were quite expensive for something that I only use for a couple of months in the year here in the UK, I feel they’re well worth it.

  1. Don’t underestimate your gym socks

gym socks

Finally, the last thing you’re going to want to pick yourself up is a good pair of work out socks. The sock is not to be underestimated when selecting your gym gear. Buy yourself about 6 pairs of comfortable workout socks to make sure you’ve got your self-covered from the week. Some socks have more ankle support and again increase blood flow and breathability of the foot. I’m a great believer in making sure I’ve got a comfortable sock on especially for cardio and a poor-quality sock can’t take away from even the comfiest trainer! The paid I’ve filled my wardrobe with are these Danish Endurance socks, definitely take a look if you haven’t yet discovered the right sock for you.

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