Iron Labs AC8 Xtreme Pre-workout Review

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In this AC8 Xtreme Pre-Workout Review, we take a look at one of the highest-rated pre-workout supplements on currently available online. Our team have each been using a tub of the AC8 Extreme in the different flavours Fruit Punch, Tropical Blast and Blue Raspberry over the past month to give you our real thoughts and opinions.


We’ll start off with the flavouring as this was generally a strong point of the product. We cycled through the different flavours though out the month and I found myself gravitating towards the fruit punch flavour as my personal favourite. This was followed by Blue Raspberry and then the tropical blast flavour. However, none of the flavours tasted unpleasant at all and I’m sure whichever one you choose you’ll have no issues with the taste or flavour.


In terms of how effective it was and whether it is worth the money, the short answer is it yes. The Iron Labs Nutrition AC8 Extreme Pre-Workout powder didn’t let and of our team down in terms of it being ineffective. For starters, It is extremely easy to take. The packaging instructs users to take one scoop of powder 30 minutes before a workout. When doing so I found that I started to feel the effects after around 15 minutes after taking it however this may be due to me generally not eating directly before training. When it began to kick in, we all felt the effect of the and could feel the extra energy levels that it was providing us with. This lead to increase lifts as well as increased energy for the gym after working a 9-5 job. We didn’t feel shaky at all though, it was just an energy boost that didn’t go overboard. The only issue was that if you plan on having a long workout keep in mind that after an hour or so your energy levels will begin to deplete sharply however that is the same with all pre-workout supplements and not just AC8 Extreme. ac8 xtreme ingredients

Value for money

When looking at the price that the AC8 xtreme pre-workout costs it’s priced competitively when comparing it to other pre-workout supplements. It’s not overly cheap however, I wouldn’t class it as a cheap product so that isn’t an issue at all. It comes with 40 servings in each tub which should be enough to get you through at least one month and maybe more depending on your gym split and needs. When you put it into perspective £16 for around a month and a half doesn’t seem too bad at all.

Overall thoughts

The team’s overall opinion on this Iron Labs AC8 xtreme pre-workout was overall very positive. It was more than adequate for what a prework out should offer in the sense that it tastes great and gives you a solid energy boost. One thing I would mention is to try not to get water in the container as over time the powder will begin to clump together but that would be the same for the majority of other supplements. At the price, this is a good buy even if you just want to test it for one month.

AC8 Xtreme Pre-workout

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
9 Total Score
Rocket Fuel!

If you're looking for a pre-workout that not only tastes great but works also brilliantly then look no further. The only issue we found was the size of the containers. At 40 servings you may need to look at buying a new one every 1-2 months.

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Iron Labs AC8 Xtreme Pre-workout Review
Iron Labs AC8 Xtreme Pre-workout Review

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