CampTeck Pull Down Attachment Review

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In this CampTeck pull down attachment review is one of the most premium gym accessories you can pick up for one of the best prices on the market. If you’re looking to upgrade your home gym by adding a rope pull down attachment to a multigym then look no further than the CampTeck pull down rope.


I’ve personally been using the CampTeck pull-down ropes for over a year now and have been extremely impressed with the overall build quality. This can be seen in the way they’ve held up after multiple high-intensity workout sessions, I was sure I would have to be picking up another set within the year but this has not been the case. The rope they’re made with is of fantastic quality and only now am I beginning to see the lightest bit of wear after over a year’s worth of intense use. In addition to the rope itself, the plastic at the bottom has withheld use with a full stack of weights (Around 60kg) while performing the triceps pull down without any issues. It’s also relatively comfortable to hold as the plastic is smooth and doesn’t dig into your hands at all. The only other thing to comment on is the metal attachment at the top is extremely strong and I have no worries about it being a safety concern and snapping off, certainly not when just performing the tricep pulldown.

Our Verdict

Due to the great quality and even better price you can do a lot worse than this the CampTeck cable pull-down attachment. Due to how it has lasted me I would highly recommend it for use with a home gym, The only thing to keep in mind is the rope may eventually begin to fray at the top however that will be the same with any cable pull-down attachment.

CampTeck Pull Down Attachment

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
9 Total Score

If you're in need of a rope cable attachment then look no further than this one. It will do the job perfectly but be prepared to replace it after a year of heavy use.

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CampTeck Pull Down Attachment Review
CampTeck Pull Down Attachment Review

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