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AQF Wrist Wraps Review

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Potentially one of the most overlooked pieces of gym equipment is a simple pair of wrist wraps. These can be extremely beneficial when lifting heavy during exercises such as the bench press. The pair I’ve found to be some of the best around are the AQF wrist wraps due to their high quality, low price and overall reliability.

How do the AFQ wrist wraps work?

Wrist wraps are extremely easy to use. With the AFQ wrist wraps all you need to do is put your thumb through the black hoop leaving the side with the Velcro facing upwards. After this, you should wrap them around your wrists ensuring that they are tight and prevent much movement from your wrists. Now you have them equipped, get in position and perform a bench press (or other wrist intensive exercise) as normal. You’ll now feel the wrist wraps keeping your wrist solid and straight which will prevent injury, especially when lifting heavy.

Construction quality

The construction quality of the AFQ wrist wraps is extremely high. They are made with very high-quality materials that should last a considerable amount of time if not indefinitely. The main band that is in contact with your wrist is made of a blend of premium cotton & polyester meaning is not only comfortable but also extremely resilient. Due to the product working by using velcro you’d expect the odd pull or some damage due to the materials naturally getting pulled but my pair have held up extremely well over time.

Overall Verdict

If you’re looking for a pair of wrist wraps for the gym either to prevent injury or for another reason, you really can’t get better than the AQF Wrist Wraps. As mentioned in this AQF Wrist Wraps review for under £5 you’ll be getting an extremely high-quality product that works just as expected. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed

AQF Wrist Wraps

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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If you're looking to buy some wrist wraps for the gym look no further then the AQF Wrist Wraps. For the price they are offered at they provide excellent support and durability and will withstand anything you throw at them for years to come.

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AQF Wrist Wraps Review
AQF Wrist Wraps Review

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