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Our team has years of experience in the fitness and bodybuilding world. We have come together with the intention of helping provide you with insights and tips on how to maximise your potential in the gym. Check out our blogs below or if you’re looking for new exercises for the gym then make sure to check out our workouts section too.

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7 Reasons To Get Involved With Training Cardio

There are some serious advantages of cardiovascular exercise, including diminishing the hazard for getting coronary illnesses, bringing down cholesterol, decreasing body weight and general health and wellbeing, however, are...
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Top 5 biggest bodybuilders of all time

There's a major contrast between the easy-going gym goer and the serious muscle head. A regular person hits the exercise gym a couple of times each week, and he...

How Should I Be Training For My Body Type?

By now you probably know that there are three different types of body shape you can have naturally, however, did you realize that it is also really important to train...
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5 extra pieces of gym gear you might not have thought of

When thinking about the gym generally it’s thought of as a place to just turn up and you’re set to go. However, there are a few pieces of gym...
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Five pieces of workout clothing that every man should have

What gym clothing should I have for bodybuilding workouts? Some people generally don't care about how they look in the gym and that's alright the gyms not somewhere in which...