EVINCO Olympic Power Bar Review


A review of the Olympic Power Bar by EVINCO

I’ve owned and used this Olympic power bar for over a year now in my home gym and have been thoroughly impressed with how it has performed. If you’re looking to buy one of these bars for your own gym then I can highly recommend it and here’s why.

I picked up the 7ft version of this bar for around £70 on eBay with the intention of using it daily as my daily bar for everything I did such as the bench press and squats. I wanted a relatively inexpensive bar that would be able to hold up to the elements in my garage gym and this was it.

Knurling quality

The knurling on Olympic bars can greatly differ from bar to bar so without seeing this in person you wouldn’t know how harsh the knurling was and if it’s right for you. Luckily for me, the knurling on this bar was perfect for me as it wasn’t too harsh that it would cut into my hands when lifting heavy but certainly provides a good grip during each exercise in the gym. However, when the bar did come there were some slight deficiencies in some areas of the knurling where the knurling was flat or inconsistent. This wasn’t enough to cause any concern though especially at the price! Finally, this bar has central knurling which is something I was looking for as it’s useful when squatting heavy, but it will make a mess of your shorts when deadlifting so bear that in mind.

olympic bar knurling

You spin me right round

The spin collars on this bar are really great and I might go ahead and say they’re perfect. They provide a smooth spin with no sticking or any other issues that you might get with an Olympic bar over time. The spin isn’t too much however so that if affects exercises such as the bench press as that could risk damaging your wrists. Unfortunately, I have low clearance in my garage so haven’t really tried this bar for any serious power cleans but I imagine the spin would be adequate for that too. Overall a great all round collar on these which has stood up well over this first year.

Against the elements

As I mentioned previously this bar is great for a home gym. I’ve used it in my garage for over a year now and I’ve not seen any rusting at all and hasn’t sustained any noticeable damage from heavy deadlifts. That should be the case considering the bar is rated for around 680kg which I doubt I’ll ever be going in my home gym. The only slight ‘damaged’ if you would call it that that the bar has gotten is scratching on the ends where the spring collars slide across. However, I’ve now switched these out for some collar clamps that I picked up for around £10 and I’d recommend you do so too as it makes changing weights so much faster.

It gets the go-ahead from me

Overall I’d say this bar is great for a home gym if you intend on using it daily during every workout. It has held up really well over the last year and I have no intention of getting rid any time soon. I’d highly recommend it and I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with the price to performance ratio that this bar will offer you. The ultimate cost-effective Olympic powerlifting bar.


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