H&S Ab Roller Review

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In this H&S Ab Roller Review we’ll be giving you our thoughts on the design, quality and give reasoning as to why you might want to use the product.

Why use the H&S Ab Roller?

When thinking about training your abs at home it is difficult to think of anything to do except for crunches. While they are effective, they are repetitive and don’t provide any training variation. This is where an Ab roller can improve your training.

Using a product like the H&S Ab Roller can massively change up how you train your abs. Not only will it improve your core strength, but it will also help to strengthen offer muscle groups such as arms, shoulders, chest and back.


The design of the H&S Ab Roller is similar to many of the other ab rolling revises on the market. It basically consists of a foam bar, and two wheels that rotate smoothly to get a full range of movement on each repetition.

Although it is similar to others, this offering from H&S provides something others don’t. The wheels on the product are rounded into a tire shape. This will engage your core muscles more than other wheels that simply have a flat wheel design.

In addition to this the handles are ergonomic and provide a good solid grip when using the equipment as opposed to other products that have uncomfortable straight grips.

The product also comes with a fit for purpose foam pad to rest you knees on while using the product – a nice touch.

Build Quality

In terms of build quality, I have to say it looks and feels as good as it gets. H&S have blown it out the park with this ab roller. It comes disassembled in the box and can easily be put together within 30 seconds. This means you have the option to disassemble it again for increased portability and workouts on the go. 

The foam padding on the H&S Ab Roller’s handles is not soft and spongy but does use a soft touch plastic. This gives you the feeling of a firm grip but may not be the comfiest thing for the heaviest of users. This shouldn’t be classed as a con though as more foam padding would have taken away from the build quality and been more susceptible to damage after a lot of use.

I wouldn’t worry about this product breaking at all even through exsessive use. The materials used are extremely high quality and the metal rod at the core is sure to hold up to any and all users.


Overall, we love the H&S Ab roller. We can’t fault the design or build quality at all. Even the included foam padding feels premium and offers an extra degree of comfort. There’s a reason they’re the number 1 rated product on amazon for core and ab trainers.

H&S Ab Roller

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
10 Total Score

The superior design and build quality of this Ab roller help to set it apart from others in the same price bracket. Highly recommended.

  • Portability
  • High Quality Materials
  • Price
H&S Ab Roller Review
H&S Ab Roller Review

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