Benefits of building a home gym

If you have space available in your home or garage, then it might be a good idea to consider investing in a home gym for a multitude of reasons. Whether you’re a seasoned gym veteran or a new fish in the big sea that is the gym then here are 5 benefits of building and owning a home gym:


We’ll start off with something that can be beneficial to everyone that builds a home gym and that’s the fact that it is incredibly time-efficient. The mere convenience of having a gym in your home is second to none. If you work normal working hours, then it is especially practical in saving you time and below I have put together a small table to explain why:

home v commercial gym

So, you see now see what I’m talking about, that time that is saved can be extremely valuable and if you add it all together over a week if you go every day you’re saving over 4 hours a week and that alone is extremely valuable.

Play music as loud as you like

A more light-hearted reason that a home gym is great is the simple fact that it’s all yours. You’re effectively maintenance man, cleaner and more importantly DJ! No longer do you have to listen to those repetitive 90’s trance songs played on repeat at your local gym or wrestle with headphones that constantly want to fall out or get tangled in the equipment.

Now you can blast anything from Lamb of God to The Temptations and not get any disapproving looks from anyone, well unless you live in a semi-detached house then I can’t speak for your neighbours.

No pressure

I think this is more apparent for gym beginners and that’s the fact that they feel intimidated in the gym due to more experienced gym members. I completely understand this if you’ve not done it before It can be hard to get you bench press down centre stage while feeling like the whole gym is watching you. I can assure you this is not the case and everyone started in the same place, so they know exactly what it’s like.

Nevertheless, if you have your home gym you can practice correct form in your own time, while not feeling like you have to put up a huge amount of weight to impress people that will most probably forget they ever saw you as soon as they walk out the door.

You can practice new techniques in your gym and even try more unorthodox ones that you may not have otherwise tried such as plate neck curls, these make you look like a fish out of water but if you’re in a home gym who cares.

No waiting time

fitbit watch

Depending on the size of your gym and what equipment you use you have more than likely had to wait for some sort of equipment in the gym while some Arnold wanna-be checks himself out in the mirror every time between sets. This is not a problem in your home gym, you’re free to hope on each piece of equipment you own when you want.

Not having to wait drastically decreases workout time and improves how effective they are due to the fact that they are fluid and the muscle can constantly be under stress. The worst time for waiting for equipment is around 6 pm so if this is the only time you can make it to the gym you should seriously be considering putting together that home gym.

Hygiene in the gym

An often overlooked fact about gyms is that they can be incredibly unhygienic and that’s not the gyms fault they just can’t control what bacteria gym users are bringing in. I read an article on the Telegraph that quoted that gym weights carry on average 362 times as many bacteria as a toilet seat!

Luckily with your home gym, you know where you stand as you’re the only one using it (usually). This could potentially lead to you avoiding the flu or other diseases that you may have picked up at a commercial gym if you had been going. This is a pretty big benefit for those of you who hate missing a workout!

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